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meet dori



Welcome to my online nesting place…providing you with all the information & inspiration you need to re-evaluate & rejuvenate your home or business. Nest by dori was prayerfully built because friends & family regularly commented on my home, my barn, my porch, my yard & my office. Words like “peaceful”, “welcoming”, “simple”, “beautiful” & “organized” described my world. It took a minute, but I’ve learned to accept & embrace the God-given desire & ability to create orderly yet winsome spaces that reflect His creativity & order, encouraging relationships, productivity, memories & rest. I’ve served as a family pastor in a large church & currently serve as principal of a small school. I’ve raised 5 very different kids in 8 very different homes. Needless to say, I’ve been blessed with innumerable opportunities to hone my craft. And now, I'm branching out!

My vision is to help others reimagine & reclaim rooms, offering professional services that include decluttering, sorting & organizing, all designed to reveal fresh faces on tired spaces.

  • I'll lean into educational & life experience while utilizing my strengths of productivity & positivity.

  • I'll approach each client with grace, providing not just a makeover but peace-of-mind as well, leaving no room for judgement.

  • I'll build trust by being honest, realistic, timely & efficient.

Thanks for visiting--whether you’re just flying through or you’re ready to reach out & re-feather your nest. Either way, may you be blessed with a simpler, more beautiful life!

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