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I'm several nests "in", and I've learned that each job is more about the faces I encounter than the spaces I enter. Take this one, for example. This is Frankie. He & I have spent more than 12 hours nesting together. I move things, he sniffs them. I unpack things, he lays on them. I reorganize things, he admires my work. He is like a looooong little whisper of encouragement that keeps me going.

Frankie, along with 3 other curious dogs, 2 enthusiastic human girls & 1 motivated human boy, were such a blessing to my project. The excitement when I unearthed a long, lost toy and the enthusiasm of re-entering and re-claiming a previously overwhelming, unused space have brought me such joy! (And, did I mention how helpful these kiddos were???)

Happy faces in new spaces.

I love what I do.

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