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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

I believe that the “stuff of life” shouldn’t be stuff at all. The one exception might be double stuf in an Oreo, but anyway. When your stuff gets to the point where it’s infiltrating your time, your space or your sanity, then it needs a swift kick. Maybe to the curb or to a local charity or just to a fresh, findable spot in your home.

*Nest alert!*

Even if you only pick one area to “stuff police”, you will feel an increase in your home’s happy level ten-fold. Try it! Choose to focus on just a single countertop or stairwell or desk or entry (somewhere high traffic & visible) for just one month. Begin by removing everything removable from that space. Replace only the items that absolutely need to live there & add a small basket to collect things that temporarily land there throughout the day. Here’s the secret: commit just 3 minutes each day to probing that area for things that don’t belong, emptying & properly re-homing any items that have landed in the basket as well. In no time, you’ll savor the sweet satisfaction that comes from this small nest investment…which is some pretty great stuff!

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